Fernwood Integrated Management Plan
Fernwood Estate, Newlands

Fernwood Estate in Newlands, Cape Town is owned by the Department of Public Works and holds much potential as one of Cape Town’s most beautiful and significant estates. The vision for the property is to conserve and restore the culturally and historically significant buildings, gardens and recreational sporting areas, and to rehabilitate and maintain the environmentally-significant forests, wetlands and streams.

The Main House dates back to the 1880’s and is built in Gothic Revival style, although many of the decorations have been stripped from the building over the years and therefore the style is no longer easily recognised. The Long House, adjacent to this is also of historical significance and has been  earmarked for renovations.  These buildings will be used for events and conferencing.

The inclusion of residences was on the wish list in earlier years but were removed from the application as a result of potential impact on natural resources and concerns related to expenditure on luxury residences for ministerial use.

Urban Concepts was part of a professional team commissioned to compile the Conservation and Integrated Management Plan for the estate, and our involvement included design contributions to Planning, Heritage and Environmental statutory applications, as well as the collation of Conservation & Integrated Management Plans.

Heritage, urban design

Department of Public Works


Newlands, Cape Town



Urban Concepts - urban design
@Planning - town planning
Africa Consulting Architects - architecture
Urban Design Services - heritage
EPLA Consulting - landscape consultants
ITS Engineers - traffic engineering

Image credits
Drawings, graphics and site photographs by Urban Concepts


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