Drakenstein Gateways
Western Cape

The Drakenstein Municipality recognised the importance of celebrating and defining the historically and spatially significant gateways and entrances to the towns within the region.  Urban Concepts was approached by Wec Consult to assist the Municipality in defining the gateways and prioritising important nodes for upgrade.

The sites are envisioned either as spaces for visitors which provide information about the particular town, its historical significance and its attractions; or simply as a node to help with orientation, with directions and appropriate signage.   The more significant gateway proposals make suggestions for well-defined public spaces for local and visiting pedestrians. These incorporate seating, shading, planting and appropriate surfacing.

Nodes such as the proposed Gouda gateway draw attention to this small but historically significant town, which visitors might otherwise pass by without realizing that it is there, whilst the Saron gateway project could emphasize the unique historic value of this town with its unique ‘leivore’.

The design phases of the following nodes are illustrated:

  • The Paarl node defines an entrance to the Taal Monument from the historic Paarl Main road, adjacent to one of the significant historical farmsteads of the town. 

  • The Klein Drakenstein gateway proposes a public space upgrade which helps to define the historical link to the Boland, and in turn provides better pedestrian and wheelchair access to a local school and clinic.

  • Gateways have also been proposed in Wellington, at the main entrance to the town from Paarl; and where one enters Wellington from the Bainskloof Pass. 

Public, heritage, urban design

Drakenstein Municipality (WEC consult)

Western Cape

2014 - ongoing

Urban Concepts - urban design
WEC Consult - lead consultant and engineering

Image credits                   
Drawings, site photos and graphics by Urban Concepts


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